Coda Affiliate link not working

Hi! I’m trying to sign up as a coda affiliate and the “Get Started” link is not working. Here’s the page: Coda | Affiliate program, get paid for publishing on Coda

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Hi @Reiley_Ney , thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear the “Get Started” link on our affiliates page isn’t working properly for you. I just tested this on my end and things seem to be working properly. That said, it sounds like this issue may be related to your system. Can you please try accessing this link in an incognito or private window and see if that resolves things?


Shaina, Thanks for looking into this. You are correct! It’s something strange with my internet browser. I really appreciate your time, sorry I didn’t check that first. :slight_smile: Thanks!

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No problem at all @Reiley_Ney ! Glad to hear that solved things :smile:

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