Any easier way to open multiple URLs simultaneously from table?

Bumped into this post but it says ‘embed not found’ so couldn’t help much.
This post didn’t help much either.

Here’s a sample table to represent my use case. The table only contains only 3 rows in total and only 2 colums containing links but in my real use case may contain around 100 rows in total and 5-6 columns containing links.

Ideally it would be great if there is a way to click the buttons in columns ‘Open_Specimens’ and ‘Open_Locations’ to open respective row links.
Is it possible?

Hi @Piyush_Patil , thanks for reaching out! After raising this with our team, they said that this is possible with the use of some formulas. Here is a solution they created :grin::

  • Please see → Screen Recording on 2024-06-27 at 02-51-49.gif - Droplr
  • Formula for “Open_Specimens” column/button is → Split(thisRow.Specimens, Character(10)).FormulaMap(OpenWindow(CurrentValue))
  • Formula for “Open_Locations” column/button is → Split(thisRow.Locations, Character(10)).FormulaMap(OpenWindow(CurrentValue))

Note: Please be sure that you don’t have the popup blocker enabled on your browser. If you do, here is how to disable that limitation.

I hope this helps!