How to open links from table in batches using a button?

We can create single button to open all the links from a table but I have lot of rows in the table, each with its own link. If I attempt to open all those links, my browser might crash or hang or get slow. It is not practical to open all those links simultaneously.

Is there any way I can open 10 links only at a time? Something like, in first click or from the first button, first 10 links would open. Then in the second click or from the second button, next 10 links would open and so on…
The order of the rows can change over a period of time. Also, the number of rows in the table could also change over a period of time.

So the mechanism that I need should be able to pick rows based on their order in the table, irrespective of their row ID or any such data that identifies a particular row.

Hi @Piyush_Patil :blush: !

It’s a bit clunky, but I might have something for you :blush: .

I don’t know how you open your Url’s in your table so I’ll admit I chose the “easy” way to do this in my sample :blush: by using “per url” Open Hyperlink buttons in the table.
(So this might need some adjustments :blush: )

In the sample below, you’ll find

  • A slider to determine the numbers of url in the table to open
  • A “push buttons” Button on the Canvas with an Action formula looking like this :
  Links.Filter(Is_Opened.Not()).Count() >= URL_to_open, 

And what it does is :

If() the amount of URL’s to open is greater or equal than what’s determine by the slider, it will open the first x URL’s (push x Open Hyperlinks buttons in the table) and mark them as opened (by checking the checkboxes in Is_Opened).

Otherwise it will open what’s left to be open in the table :blush:

It is a bit clunky as sometimes, Coda will first ask you if you really want to open x links for some reasons… But it seems to work :blush: .

Without knowing a bit more about your current setup, this might not be sufficient but it might be a lead :innocent: .

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This is awesome, thank you so much.

Being from a non-technical background, your explanation didn’t help much. But your shared doc helped. I have created the same system in my doc referring to your shared doc.

Thanks a lot once again.

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No problem @Piyush_Patil :blush: !

I’m sorry to read that though :confused: … I’ll edit my post later and see if I can improve my explanations :blush: .

I’m very glad to know that my sample helped you to overcome the “not enough explanations” issue :grin: ! Most of the time, when it comes to Coda, things works better when showed than explained :blush: !