Any good resources or recommendations for software design basics?

So after working with Coda for nearly a year, I now understand that as a Doc Maker I really need to structure my workspace/docs like I am creating a customized piece of software.

Since I have no software design experience, I would like to learn application-wise so I can get started in Coda. Are there any resources/recommendations from the Coda/Code veterans?

Ideally, here is how I plan on setting up my Coda workspace:

  1. Folders will represent individual/business workspaces (i.e., ABC workspace, XYZ workspace, etc…).

    • In each workspace’s folder, there will be a set of standard documents (i.e. dashboard, permission, SOPs, Digital Storage etc.) that will come from the global documents/tables.
  2. In “My Docs” section, I will set up my global documents/table (doc lists, templates, variables)…essentially be my doc maker center.

I’m just trying to set up the framework/foundation for a consistent doc making experience. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!


I’m sure @Xyzor_Max could help with this. He wrote a great post about naming conventions a while ago that I’ve enjoyed utilising: Naming Conventions For Rapid Data Model Development

Coda is still very early on in its phase of life so I would also say that you have the breathing space to also come up with your own systems / conventions as well. :slight_smile:

One of the things I employ is using Camel case - Wikipedia for naming buttons and elements like on page sliders etc.


Thank you so much! I was not aware of this post and came case but it’s definitely what I need to get started. :slight_smile:

I love the flexibility of Coda. I’ve tried out multiple project management software programs but each was missing something I needed. Coda, while still lacking the beautiful interface, gives you the tools to create a customize “software program” in the form of docs, formulas, buttons, automations, and api.

Again, thank you!


As a software engineer by profession, I’m finding I LOVE Coda for actually prototyping applications that I’ve wanted to write for myself for a few years now (WPF / Windows desktop development).

The folks over at Syncfusion have a really nice set of (free) PDF eBooks that you can read online / download on various topics (w/some books focused on basic / fundamental software engineering principles):

Scroll though their list of books, if you see anything that interests you - grab’um! :+1:

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Oh my…the selection of topics is incredible (AI, data modeling, data science machine learning…). I’m excited to explore and implement :grin:

Thank you for sharing this resource!

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Sure, enjoy! :wink:

I was surprised when I saw the online reader - that must be new - I’ve always downloaded the PDFs and keep them on a thumb drive / memory card for easy viewing wherever I’m at.

The few I tried seem a bit short, they may have been previews? Again, I always download the PDFs… :+1:
(Edit: there’s a page navigator at the bottom of the pages :wink: )

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