Anyway to display image within formula from crossdoc table

Hello , I have a table with column Image and another column [Display] with i concatenate text and image url

It display correctly as i format it

however, I want to display this table in another doc
so i import crossdoc table into doc B. The problem is column [Display] doesn’t show Image, but instead it show image URL

is there anyway to fix this?

Hi @Korn_Tris, Thanks for reaching out in our community! It looks like you can create a new column after you have the table Cross-Doc in, and then you can pull the image and “Title” together with the Concatenate() Formula. It would look something like:


That should merge the two together for you. I hope that helps!

thx for you solution. but this table was a subtable to other table that will display multiple rows from this table from specific column.

Hi @Korn_Tris,

I think the only way to work around this would be that when you cross doc the table, you build out two new columns and then link them together as I shared above. So I would keep the main table clean and streamlined, then cross doc where you want it and then add those columns individually, but have them point to the cross-doc reference column as the anchor. Does that make sense? Hopefully that will help!