Table used within a row turned into a link in cross doc

Hello there.
We’ve built a resources table that is shared across docs using cross doc.
To help with organization, a table has been used within some of the entries under a canvas column type. In the cross doc view, that table has been collapsed and turned into a link.
Is there a way to keep it formatted as a table?


Hey @Brian_McKray,

If you want it to show up in the canvas, you would have to cross doc the table directly into the canvas column, which may cause some performance issues over time depending on how many rows will be in the table.

The best way to achieve this would be to bring in the cross doc table into the doc and then make it a subtable for that main table where you can have a nested table with data in it.

Here is a great help article and video on how to set up subtables. Hopefully that will help!