Best way to open source document row of a Cross Doc table row?

Hi All, when you have a cross-doc table, there is a “Row” column that is some sort of reference or representation of the original cross doc row. I was hoping I could use this to navigate back to the originating doc but I don’t see how. Does anyone know the easiest or ideal way to be able to navigate back to the cross-doc’s originating document row for the synced row?

The use case is to be able to easily jump to the source doc, where there may be better representations and utilities/views relating to that source data.

Thank you!

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Just bumping this if anyone knows of the typical way to do this.

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In lieu of an official feature for this, I’m currently doing this via:


Where <Row> is a cross-doc table row’s Row column value, e.g. crossDocTableName.First().Row.

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