How to add row to a source cross-doc table?

Are there any way to add rows in a cross-doc source table? I know we can edit each columns, but I get a access denied when using the add row function.

I understand that Paul has created a Cross-doc plus / Sync Tables Pro pack, however we really want to stay as vanilla as we can so the coming admins don’t get more complexity than needed.

We have one contact form for potential members in our National level organization. Contacts are stored in a table, filtered for each of the organizations in the major cities, and synced as a cross-doc to each of their local tables. This works great. The local organizations can even update things like status and notes on each of the candidates to the national source table via buttons (to inform the national organization of progress). But the local organization have no way of adding a candidates to their list manually.

Are there no way to add a row to the source cross-doc? Or just adding a single unsynced item to the local table? It does not really need to be synced back to the cross-doc source. It’s just foolish that we have to go via the form to add the potential members. That then they get the automatic “thanks for contacting us” mail and so on.

There was a way, of course :slight_smile:

The problem I had was that I only had a cross dock to a view of a table. Not the source table it self that I needed to add the new rows to. What I did was to create a temporary cross-doc to the source table so I got the read/write rights to the table. Set up the button column to add rows to the source table, and deleted the cross-doc. Seems to work well for now.

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