Cross Doc Two Way Editing

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Is it possible to add a cross doc to a new document and do the following.
-I’m using the cross doc as a source for for a look up column, for name and contact details, but what I’d like to be able to do is add new contacts in the new doc which are added to the cross doc?

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Sorry, short answer is no.

Hopeful answer for this is no, not at the moment…

@Piet_Strydom It would be quite handy, as I’m using crew details. With several people adding contacts not in the database/Cross doc it could grow quite quickly. So the database has to be in the actual doc rather than a cross doc now, as there will always be contacts that are new. At the moment:)

Much of the design comes down to personal preferences. But in general I try to limit the number of tables in a doc. I have seen many questions about how to combine tables, very few questions about splitting tables apart.

As far as cross docs go, I have one - for postal code, town, province, country info. One generally needs that in many documents. And in the other hand when you need to share confidential information with groups of people, cross docs are useful.

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@Piet_Strydom I will take a leaf out of your book and try and structure that way.

Hi @Ivan_Barge,
I support what @Piet_Strydom says.

Just for completeness, you do can add/edit data in a Cross-doc table (see for instance AddRow and the other Cross-doc actions in the Formula’s Packs section), although it’s not a trivial implementation and it implies a local data structure to accomplish with that.
There are some requirements and best practices to mitigate - not overcome with, though - the overall limitations; so if it’s strictly necessary, you can do it.

Let me know if you need some more info.

Thanks for the detail, Frederico.

I have been wondering, but have not had time to test yet: Could you add a form to the destination doc, which will up date the source doc?


Hi @Piet_Strydom,
unfortunately you can’t build-up a form view on a Cross-doc’ed table.

You can add row-actions (DeleteRow/ModifyRow buttons) in the local table to change the data and/or create a mirror structure (or helper table) taking input from a form and trigger an AddRow action upon an automation.
This is triggering an almost-immediate change in the source data, but need to then be refreshed locally.
(but I’m sure you’re already aware if this) :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response - No, I am not aware… :wink: My Coda knowledge is like Swiss Cheese, full of holes.

Maria is doing her best at the DOCtorate though. But every answer, leads to three new questions…



Cross and delight of curiosity: it never ends :wink:

Anyway, should you need some more deep insights or use-cases, let me know.

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@Federico.Stefanato Thank you. I’ve posted a few questions as I’m trying to figure stuff out. With all the support from the community, I think I will be busy for a while:)

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