Invalid Attachment Value

I created a doc that has Cross-Doc tables with a Image URL column. The image is showing properly in the parent table, but in the Cross-Doc table some of the images have a Invalid Attachment Value error code. I’ve tried replacing the URL, resizing the image in the column settings and even checking the doc from my desktop and phone to see if that’s the issue.

Has anyone else run into this? If so, what was your fix.

Here’s a screen shot of the issue (Cross-Doc on the left, parent table on the right):

Thanks, Erin

Weird. Could you share a doc that, when pulled into another doc via Cross Doc, breaks?

Hey Nick!

Here’s the link to the doc that has the Cross-Doc in it:

Huh yeah odd. Some display as broken images, some as URLs. If you hover on the URLs, you get a working image preview…

If you manually copy-paste the bad ones into a new table, do they work? (I can’t test that the way the doc is shared)

I created a Test page and put a new table in it with 3 of the problem Image URLs and they work great. So that would lead me to think something is possibly happening on the Cross-Doc side?

I’m trying to think of a work around for this, but my Cross-Doc knowledge is not very great. My goal was to be able to share this doc with someone and they be able to choose a pattern for quilt that they want out of the ones I have in my library. But I have a different doc that I personally use to keep track of all my patterns, projects and books and didn’t want to duplicate efforts by having to add new patterns to 2 places. Any thoughts on a work around? To keep the doc size small, I was hoping to use these image URLs instead of uploading a bunch of photos.

I was able to knock a few into showing up in the cross-doc table by removing part of the link after the ‘.jpg?’. A couple others showed up as well after just hitting the edit link button in that cell then hitting enter but not actually changing anything.

Interesting. My mind goes to trying to create an additional, sanitized column in your original doc, that references the original column but is just for cross-doc purposes.

  • Set it to a simple text column format, not image url
  • For the question mark after jpg thing, strip it out automatically with formula [main column].Split(“?”).First()
  • Add any other transformations to the URL that seem helpful

Then in the destination doc, receive this text column, and change its type to image URL

That worked!!! I have already edited all the links to exclude the image size parts of the link, so I didn’t need to use the formula. But I created a new column in my parent table. Use the formula [main column].totext and then over in the cross-doc table changed that column to a Image URL type. BAM! They all populated!

Thanks so much for your help Nick!


Great! I have a slight fear that as you add new things to the source table, maybe you’ll see the same problem crop up in the destination, but hopefully not

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