Cross-Doc Images

Anyone have a work-around for getting cells with multiple images to transfer cross-doc?

Currently, if I add multiple images to an “Image” column in one doc and then send that row to another doc, they won’t show up. It won’t show anything at all if the receiving column is also an “Image” column, and won’t show any more than one image if the receiving column is an “Image url” column. If the receiving column is a “Text” column, it will display text of the image file names, but nothing usable.

I really need to be able to transfer and view multiple images in one column.

Any ideas?

I also need to accomplish that, and tried with this solution Turn image upload into image url column but it doesn’t work very well when there is multiple images, because the data is often sent to the other doc table before the _Deref_Object has finished generating the image paths, so not all images are sent on the first attempt.

I tried adding a delay, but since it’s an approximative delay, it’s not very reliable. I also tried with a second button to refresh the image paths before sending the data, but it can get confusing for the end user.

I also don’t like very much to use non official formulas, but it’s the only way I found yet.

Any ideas how to send the image paths via crossdocs, and preferably using documented formulas?