Cross-doc actions not copying pictures

I created a Doc for backup purpose only and I’m trying to “copy” pictures from my source table to this Doc.
I’d like to do it direct from the source table and for that, I’m using Cross Doc actions (Crossdoc::AddRow() in my case)
The thing is if there are more than 1 picture in the row, they are not added to the backup doc. If works fine otherwise.
My question is: Is this a Cross-doc action bug? For what I know, pictures are not kept inside the Doc. The Doc only holds only a link to it. I expected it would be something easy to accomplish.
Is there a better way to do it?

I’m sharing both source and backup docs (mock).


Thanks for reporting this. It is a bug with Cross doc. We’ve entered an issue in our issue tracker and will look to fix within the next few weeks.