API and Webhooks not working for the doc


We have doc, that calls our external service (via Pack) and then service calls Coda API for updating rows and automation (via Webhook)

Today, both API and Webhook stopped working for that doc. We get 202 with something like

{ “requestId”: “mutate:2501e039-bf3b-4ef6-a9c3-ebcef92090a0”}
{Id:i-qqCzS4iKN5 RequestId:mutate:09dddca7-7612-4673-8340-2b7237ff60dc}

but there’s no changes in doc in case of API call, and nothing is triggered in automation - nothing in “Activity”

Checked automation in other doc - it works there.
What could be the problem with the original doc? How to fix it?

One of the automation rule got stuck, and until it timed out in couple hours - no API calls or other webhooks went through.

Which is not supposed to be that way:

It seems to be a problem at our end where the failing automation is preventing subsequent runs from going through till it times out. The automation itself is not supposed to block on API failures, but there are various other processes in that pipeline that need to complete before the next run happens. I’ve created a bug for the team, and we’ll address this issue when we have the bandwidth to take it on.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way to hard reset the automation at the user’s end when an issue like this happens. I’ve conveyed this issue as feedback to the team as well.