API + Image with integromat or directly


I try to push image into a row with the API but i don’t success.
I also try with integromat without success.

With a field “image link”, i’m very close but the thumb is not generated:

With a field “image”, it doesn’t work.

Is there a trick to achieve that with the api or integromat?
In integromat for example, the field is not mapped. Maybe i have to push a kind of json format :
{ name : “file”, data : “…”}

In the api docs, i don’t find any information about the file or the image.

Thank you in advance for the help.

I’ve used Zapier and just supplying the URL as text has worked fine (basically treating the image URL field as a text field).

The link you’re inserting via API - does it work if you paste it into that field in the Coda UI?