"Apply to 24 Blank Rows" Doesn't Work

Sometimes, clicking “Apply to x blank rows” does nothing.

Seems to happen when a lookup to an external table (in this case, the Component lookup) is broken. Would be better if it just put a blank in the broken row instead.

Hi @Connor_McCormick,
not sure what you actually expect with that.

If the formula can’t return a value (because the lookup cannot resolve it) what type of smart inference could be put in place?

Sometimes we have to double think about “signalling in anomalies” contexts, as our expectations are very much narrowly (and usually emotionally) related with the signal, and we rather have to sort out the anomaly.

I hope I didn’t just confuse you! :slight_smile:

Look, if it provides no feedback, that’s an issue. There are two ways this could be resolved:

  1. Fill in the cells that it can find a value for and mark the failed one (perhaps also leaving it blank), or
  2. Throw some sort of error indicating what went wrong.

Ideally both.

The way to debug this issue is to write the same formula directly in a column, so another potential solution would be when the default value option throws an error it could create a new temporary debug column to indicate where the error occurs, most of the time it only happens with 1 or 2 values, but blocks the entire formula from executing.