Appointment field names?

So I’ve been working on this calendar doc and it’s coming along pretty good. A little backstory on my doc: I am a cub scout leader and this doc will be used to track who is, and who is not coming to our meetings. The parents will be accepting or declining the invitations but I want the boys names to show in the results. I am currently using this formula to show which boys will be attending from the parents accepted email: thisRow.Attendees.Filter(currentvalue.ResponseStatus=“accepted”)

My question is, what are the other variables besides "Accepted "? I would like to have a column showing who has said “No” and who hasn’t responded. I tried figuring them out, but no luck. Is there a place I could look? Still new here. Thanks!

So after more digging, I found the Google Calendar API page and found their list of codes:

|attendees[].responseStatus|string|The attendee’s response status. Possible values are:

  • " needsAction " - The attendee has not responded to the invitation.
  • " declined " - The attendee has declined the invitation.
  • " tentative " - The attendee has tentatively accepted the invitation.
  • " accepted " - The attendee has accepted the invitation.|

The full API page can be found here. Very helpful!

Thanks. I was looking for something similar. This is helpful.