Archiving Issues

I’ve got a meeting notes tool that allows a user to designate certain notes as “action items” and / or “Newsletter Items”.

Once the meeting is done and notes are complete, the user can then click a corresponding button to send action items and newsletter items to their respective tables. In the case of newsletter items I made a table where you can assign them to an edition. One column is for the newsletter item, the second column is the date it was created, and the third column is a single select for assigning an edition.

Below this table is a newsletter drafting table that will pull in items based off their assigned edition. From here the tool drafts the newsletter. This is all good and fine, but my issue is that when I archive the original meeting notes row (from the meeting notes table to the meeting notes archive table), the date from my newsletter items table disappears. Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi @Dustin_Good2 :blush: !

From your screenshot, it seems like the first item in the table is effectively a row reference from which you can access any related item info…

The other items seem to loose the row reference somewhere in your workflow (as they are no rounded pill around the items) but what’s troubling me is that they’re not greyed out as if the field couldn’t find the item anymore (which could be the case if you moved the items from a table to another distinct table) :thinking:

So, I’ve got to ask :innocent: :
How do you send your items in your “drafting” table exactly ?
What’s the error Coda give you for the missing dates ?
Would it be possible for your to share a sample doc ?

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