Brainstorming ideas for emailing meeting notes

I have created a table for my team meetings and after the meeting I am using the wonderful Outlook pack to email the meeting notes to the different teams.

On the meeting layout I have two unrelated tables of dates that we review in the team meeting to see what is upcoming and who is available for what.

I haven’t been able to think of a way to include these tables in the email. as they are not technically part of the record.

Currently I have a hidden field that uses a formula to create HTML of the important meeting items and I email the contents of this field to the team members but how can I include the two tables? Is it possible to create a hidden field and use it to iterate through the table and create an HTML version that I can include in my email?

Here is a video that may explain better. The tables are Important Dates and Epic Dates.

HI Chris

What I have done is to create a canvas column in the meeting table. The template for the canvas column includes a table with attendees, filtered to the meeting, a table with action items, also filtered to the meeting as well as a canvas area for notes of discussions and decisions during the meeting…

It just a ramble… :wink:

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