Putting Tables in the body of Emails?


Has anyone come up with a way to input a table (or at least data formatted as a table) into the body of an email? Lets say I have two tables: Employees and Tasks. I want to send each employee an email with their tasks formatted as a table.

I’ve tried a few ways but none of the solutions work how I want. I’ve tried making a canvas column in the Employees table, inserting a view of the Tasks table into the canvas column, but when I do that it creates a new view of the tasks table for each employee and it become hard to navigate, and if I want to make any changes I have to recreate the whole thing.

I’ve tried inserting an HTML table, but it seems that the emails are all or nothing for html, so I can’t insert the HTML table without then losing the rest of the formatting of the template.

Any tips? I’m using the Outlook pack.


Hey @Samuel_Langford ! Thanks for reaching out. While this is not possible at this time, this sounds like a feature request the Coda team has been tracking to be able to send mail using Outlook or Coda to an email registered in a table, by clicking a button or if automatically if certain conditions indicated are met. That said, we have moved this post into the Suggestion Box for other members of the Community to chime in on this. We’ve gone ahead and tracked your vote for this feature formally.

It’s possible, but on the Coda side you need to generate the body with a very limited amount of HTML content. Furthermore, rendering it is performed at the mercy of the receiving email client. But, most email clients do support the minimal sanitized elements for simple HTML styling.

Here’s an example email I sent from a Coda RunAction.

Here’s how it was constructed.

A table field formula generated this HTML content.

A button field executed this inclusion of the table field as the body of the message.

Hello @Samuel_Langford ,

There are different ways of doing this - I worked out two possible ways to take care of this. I am using the gmail pack, but I am sure you can rebuild the formulas for using it with the outlook pack.

Although including a table in your email template does not look super nice, you can enhance things by hiding the table title and table column headers. The end result is not super, but it gets the job done.

A bit more advanced (the 2nd button) is sending the data as text. That solution also has some caveats, but I think the end result looks nicer.

To experiment, start with a gmail account (you can make one for free in a couple of seconds) before rebuilding things to work with the outlook pack.

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