Are automations synchronous?

Howdy folks!

I’m wondering if anyone in the community, or perhaps a helpful Codan, might enlighten me about how automations are handled from a synchronicity perspective. For instance, consider the following scenario: I have two separate tables. Each one has an automation that is triggered on row change. Let’s imagine that both are triggered at the same time. Is it possible for both of these automations to run in parallel, or will a doc only execute one automation at any given time, regardless of the source?

There is precious little information on this topic in the forums, and it seems to me to be a pretty significant one. More clarity around this question would open up new use cases. In my case, I’m interested in using controls and formulas as pseudo “global variables” so that I can keep my data structure as lean as possible. For instance, if I have a variable for the “current automation record,” I can house an associated workflow in a single button rather than duplicating this button for each row in a table. That said, if I were to refer to the same variable in more than one automation, it would clearly be good to know whether this setup is likely to get my wires crossed.

Interested to hear your thoughts!