As an admin user, I would like to be able to have more control over docs

As the administrator of our organization’s Coda environment, I oversee the management and organization of documents created by our team. To maintain an organized and efficient workspace, it is crucial for administrators to have robust control over all documents, regardless of their creator.

Currently, while I can assign team members the ability to create new documents, I lack the ability to delete documents that I did not create myself. This limitation complicates the management process, as it requires me to rely on the document creators to delete their files, which can lead to delays and additional follow-ups.

Proposed Changes:

  1. Grant Administrators the Ability to Transfer Ownership of Documents: This would allow admins to reassign documents as needed, facilitating better management of content and team transitions.
  2. Enable Administrators to Delete Any Document: Empowering administrators with the ability to delete any document, irrespective of who created it, will streamline operations and ensure that our Coda environment remains uncluttered and organized.

These enhancements will not only simplify administrative tasks but also improve the overall governance of our document management system, leading to a more productive and orderly workspace.