Assign Today() to 'Start date' when 'Status' changes to 'In Progress'



In a task table, which has ‘Start date’ and ‘Status’, is there a way to set it up so that it assigns Today() to ‘Start date’ when its ‘Status’ changes to ‘In Progress’ from ‘Not started’?



Dear @Jaewon_Jung,

Hopeful the below solves your question:


In the column “Start Date” you should put the following IF statement:

If(Status="In Progress",Today(),"")

Meaning: If status = in progress display today’s date if not keep empty.

Kind regards,
Jean Pierre


You could also try buttons. This would give you a date of when the button was clicked…


The Start button configuration looks like this:

Start Button Config

The Finish button configuration looks like this:

Finish Button Config


I guess in that case the ‘Start Date’ will keep changing (for instance to 10/6 the next day) as it remains in ‘In Progress’ state? Which is not what I want.