Assign Today() to 'Start date' when 'Status' changes to 'In Progress'


In a task table, which has ‘Start date’ and ‘Status’, is there a way to set it up so that it assigns Today() to ‘Start date’ when its ‘Status’ changes to ‘In Progress’ from ‘Not started’?


Dear @Jaewon_Jung,

Hopeful the below solves your question:


In the column “Start Date” you should put the following IF statement:

If(Status="In Progress",Today(),"")

Meaning: If status = in progress display today’s date if not keep empty.

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Jean Pierre

You could also try buttons. This would give you a date of when the button was clicked…


The Start button configuration looks like this:

Start Button Config

The Finish button configuration looks like this:

Finish Button Config


I guess in that case the ‘Start Date’ will keep changing (for instance to 10/6 the next day) as it remains in ‘In Progress’ state? Which is not what I want.

You could set up an Automation so that when the value is changed to In Progress, it will update the Start Date. Using that method, your Start Date will remain the same unless someone switches the status to something else, then back to In Progress again.