Auto linking saved entities to content mentioning those entities

I would like to create links to other saved entities within my knowledge base. For example, on Airtable, I can create an automation that is basically a simple if/then statement. It searches a text field and if there is an exact match to another record in the Base, it will link those two records together. So if I write, “The groundwater is contaminated with PFOA,” the automation searches that sentence and adds a link to my record for “groundwater” that I have in my tab (list) of natural resources. “Natural resources” is the entity type. But in Airtable, I can’t figure out how to link more than one entity this way, and it would require creating a new automation for each search.

I would like to do this for thousands of entity types by instead creating an automation that searches the text for any record that is in an entity list. So if in my records for natural resources I have groundwater, rivers, streams, wetlands, forests, biota, etc…I can create a text field that searches that text for each of those records and creates a link to any of those entities that appear in the text. This way I can continue to add new records to a list of entity types and have those search my content and create links without having to create new automations.

It essentially is a way to create a reciprocal link without having to signal the link creation by using @ or another symbol. I don’t have to write “The @groundwater is contaminated with PFOA,” for a link to be created. And if I want to create a link to a new term and search already existing content, I don’t have to go back and add @s to those mentions.

Thank you!

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Is this similar to what you’re looking for?

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