Backlinks, Unlinked Mentions and Inline Link Properties

Hi all. As a heavy Obsidian user I really miss backlinks and unlinked mentions in Coda. I also really like the feature in Fibery to display various properties of an entity inline so they are easily viewable when that entity is linked.

So I played around a bit a came up with a hacky way to get something like those. Maybe someone already did this, but I couldn’t find it. The backlinks/mentions require you to take your notes in a table using the canvas column. In my example they’re all in the same table, but you might be able to link to others by tweaking the formula and/or using the pack that merges tables :woman_shrugging:.

Here’s my example:

I’ve chosen to display the number of unique refs and a status indicator in my links. You could choose whatever you want.

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Hi @Sarah_Arminta
Nice Work !

I also started to work on this subject, because Obsidian is the last tool i’m still using (a little…) beside CODA. I played with some display, with main subject, and satellite-like connections between subject. But this work is difficult to scale !


what tool are you using to generate the satalite map graphic?

Hey @Xyzor_Max !
Just generating that as SVG ! including the bubbles, the name, and also the link, directly from the TableIdea you can see in the screenshot (with, of course, a few intermediate steps :wink: )