Auto-populate tasks in a tracker

Hi all!

I have been using Sri’s Project task tracker template to add new hire names to one “Overview table” and then all the tasks that need to be completed for each new hire in a Task table below.

How can I auto-populate not just the “project” (in my case new hire) name, but also the tasks in the below table?

Hey @Ilyssa_Russ ,
I was not sure if I understood correctly, so I have two solutions for you, maybe one fits! :smiley: I made a doc for showing how this could be done at the bottom.

Option 1 (Green button):

  • You add a new hire (which equals a project in the task tracker) and then you want to create the same tasks automatically that references that hire

Option 2 (Yellow button):

  • You want to make a custom task per hire that has a reference to him

My thought process in building this:

  • Since you have to fill out the name of the hire first, you need an action/button that you can trigger runs after that. To me it makes sense to make this button directly in the overview table when you fill out the hire row. You can either also show it in the table as in my example or hide the columns later.
  • For option 1: You might want to have a task templates table, so you don’t have to go to deep into the formula to make changes.

The most complex part of it is the green button, so a short explanation what is happening:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-05-06 um 08.26.51

  • It is using a custom action formula to be able to create multiple rows at once
  • The formula uses the template table and with “FormulaMap” loops through the template tasks
  • For every template task it creates a new row with AddRow in tasks (pink chips) and populates it with the values of the template task (green chips) and one time with the row where the green button actually is on in the overview table (yellow chip)

Here is the doc to play around and where you can see all the formulas:

Hope this is what you were looking for, otherwise let me know and we will figure it out :smiley:


Hey Daniel! This is amazing – I want to play around with it, but looks like I’m in View Only mode so I can’t.
Here is a playground for what I want to do: Playground

Right now, you add a new hire name and then there is a “view” of that new hire name in the first column of the Tasks table. You’re saying we would take that view out altogether and just auto-populate the task table with a button.

The second tab in the Playground is the Playground Tasks. I’d like those tasks to auto-populate for each new hire every time I hit that green button :slight_smile:


Wait! I realized I could play around with the embedded Coda. I think this works!!! Daniel you’re a life-saver! :slight_smile:


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