Auto-Populate a Changeable Item in a formula


I have 3x sample interconnected tables here: Test Docs

The tables represent my own project management doc which are titled: Task, Project, and Employees

Usually, a project involves a standard set of employees, but occasionally more or less can be involved in certain tasks. According to my workflow, I like to put the related employees directly into the project and have that represented in the task via formula. However, occasionally that changes and:

a) not all employees are needed for a particular task or
b) an employee is brought on for a single task.

Is there any way to auto-populate a field (in this case the “people involved” column in the “Tasks” table), but make it changeable (additions/deletions)? Or any other creative solution?

I hope that makes sense. Thanks!

Hello @Benn_Bennett!
Thanks for the Test Doc! The way to go here is using buttons. In your Doc I added a button in the Projects table to add tasks to the project and it automatically fills the related employees, doing it this way, you can edit the employees in the tasks afterwards.

Autopopulate involved


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What a great solution, thank you!

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