Autofill doesn't work


when I try to log in to Coda using the 1password autofill in Firefox or Chrome, it does not work for me. The fields just do not get filled. I have to manually copy and paste it from my password manager.

Do other people also get this problem?

Just log out of Coda, have the 1password extension installed, and try to click the autofill button. The fields are not populated.


PS: I think this is a bug of Coda and not 1password since it works on all other platforms/wesites. And it has not been working on Coda for weeks.

Dear @AaronOnCoda ,

Just a quick reply from my mobile device.

Please check if auto fill is switched on at the column applicable. Coda has an option to switch off auto fill :grinning:

I also think that by default it’s set to off now

Hey everyone!

I don’t think that @AaronOnCoda is referring to any auto-fill features inside of Coda, but rather the ability for 1password to autofill a saved password in order to log in to Coda on this front screen

I can’t speak to whether its a bug or not as I don’t personally use 1password but you could reach out to Coda support so they can check into it further! Sorry I couldn’t help more