Automatic calculation of values in a table

Request paid consultant to automate a table to calculate some values Round by Round using values from Round 1 as input to Round 2 and stoping when a limit (If statement) has been reached

Hey @Luis_Matos ! I work for a small no-code consulting company and would be happy to chat about this with you. I just tested out a proof-of-concept and got a while loop to work, so I think this would be very doable. My email is - please reach out and we can discuss further!

Hi Courtney
Thank you for your quick answer.
I am on Eastern time.
Can you tell me when is convenient for you so I can show you the problem.


I’m in Pacific time. Most times tomorrow will work for me between 8am and 4pm PST

Thank I have solved the problem using the While example that is in the community



That’s great! Glad you figured it out