Calculation with conditions

Dear community members,

Your helping hand :handshake: will be much appriciated as I don’t see a solution to get my calculations done while respecting some conditions. (more details are written in the doc itself)

Thanks on forehand for your eye opener :pray:, and I will owe you some :beers:

Kind regards

Take a look at the changes I made to the doc - I have it working if you select a consecutive months. I am sure we can rig it up to work for non consecutive too but I hope this gets you going.
I have used named formulas here to break it down and show my work ( like a math class :wink:)

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Dear @mallika,

Thank you soooooo much :rose:, yes you are right, my math is at a very poor level.
Something I need to develop :bulb:

Best regards,

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