Formula Help - calculating "between" dates

Hi All!

I’m trying to calculate a formula for conditional formatting. I’m sure this is easy, but what I tried isn’t working. I already have a row that calculates # of days between dates (Today()-thisRow.[Trial Start Date]), but I want to color-code based on duration. For example, I want:

<45 days = green (thisRow.[Trial Duration]<45)
>45 and <90 days = yellow
>90 days = red (thisRow.[Trial Duration]>90)

I got the first and last ones pretty easily, but that middle/yellow one I just can’t figure out the formula.


You’re probably overthinking it trying to pack it all into one complex statement :slight_smile:
Join 2 statements with AND

thisRow.[Trial Duration] >= 45 AND thisRow.[Trial Duration] <= 90


Yep. Overthinking it indeed. I think I just need to remember simple things like when to/not to put in parentheses, etc. I had something similar in concept, but it didn’t work due to formatting problems.

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