Can anyone make Personel Budget Template?

I will try different formulas or templates but can’t make it!
Anyone make a personal budget template?

Thanks @jean_pierre_traets

Dear @Aykut_OZYAYIKCI,

Your question is quite general on the personal budget template.
As I understand you checked the templates and that what’s available in the community, but it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Just with respect for the community members time, please try to take care of the following:
Take at least the nearest option and try to explain what you want to see in a different way, or the formula you can’t get your head around. I have seen people even make a drawing or screenshot from what they have seen somewhere.

Don’t give up, your journey just started and you will learn some interesting things on the way :handshake:

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I will try thanks @Jean_Pierre_Traets :+1::+1::+1::+1:

I make this template

But can’t make total “MONTHLY” in summary page
Can anybody help for formulas?

Not sure if you can see the change I made in your Coda but I’ll leave de formula here:

[Income-Expenses].Filter([Income- Expenses]=“Expense” and Date.MonthName()=Month and Date.Year()=2019).Total.Sum()

First you need to filter your table by Expense and then you have to match the month name, you have to do Date.MonthName() so it will give you a Text then you can compare it with you Month control so they both match, then you have to match the Year, I harcoded the 2019 in the formula but I recommend using a control so you can change it at will.
Lastly, of all the rows that match your filter, you get the Total and make a sum of them all.

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Dear @Saul_MIND_Garcia

Can you make example?
I can make TOTAL 2019 EXPENSE
But I can understand MONTH or Date.MonthName()=Month formula?

Thanks for your interest

“Corrected” it for you (I think :thinking: ) :wink:

[Income-Expenses].Filter([Income- Expenses]="Expense" AND Date.MonthName()=Month.Months AND Date.Year()="2019").Total.Sum()

The part : .Months was missing in this part -> Date.MonthName()=Month which compares “a text” to another “text”. But because .Months was missing, it couldn’t do “the comparison” (well it wasn’t comparing the same things) so it couldn’t do the math :wink:


Sure! I made and example with all the explanation:


Many many thanks @Saul_MIND_Garcia
I applied formulas to my table
but does not receive monthly expense sum
i think something wrong i was trying to solve
your table is wonderful i also applied it to my own table

Thanks Again

You’re welcome Aykut! I’m glad you liked it!
For the formulas I made, the control to pick the month has to be a Control>Select filled with the values of the Months Table and the Month column [Months].Month

I made the changes to your doc so it now works, the problem was that you were using a datepicker to select the month, I changed it as I explained above and it worked.


Dear @Saul_MIND_Garcia

Thank you again but you’ll see my table TOTAL SEPTEMBER EXPENSE is 0
I couldn’t understand :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Can you explain? I missed anything?

The problem with your approach is that you are using a datepicker to select a month, the datepicker gives you a date (even if it is just showing the month), when you try to filter a table so it is equal to your date it will try to look for all the entries that match that date.
For it to work you have to get the month of both the date of the entry and the datepicker, you do that by adding a .Month() to both of them to compare them in the filter.
Check this copy of your document, I leave 2 ways of doing what you want.

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Yeah I see thanks