Sum total only if "Date" is year 2021

Hi Everyone! I’m new to Coda and trying to move my workspace from Notion.

I wonder if this is possible: I have a finance database and I want to be able to pullout only the total from one particular year, and then also from every Month, so I can track and compare my Income from other years.

I want to use this with a formula in a text area without a database. Is it posible?

Thanks in advance!

Dear Eva, great to have you in the community.

Please find embedded a sample where I tried to explain how you can get the amounts on the canvas and what are the logic steps to achieve that:

Thanks a lot!!! that’s exactly what I needed it! Only I needed to filter from the Delivery date and it was not working , so I tried with your template and finally I found the mistake!
This formula work for me as well:
[Table 3].Filter([Delivery Date].Year()=2022).Amount.Sum()

Thanks a lot!!! I’m loving CODA.
The table functions are much better than Notion. :wink:

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