Automatically Archiving values in one table to another

Hi All,

I’d like to have a workflow in Coda that allows for a periodic (i.e. weekly) archiving of information from one table to another. My team has weekly “status updates” and are required to update these every week.

The ideal workflow in Coda would be as follows. I’m sure this is a combination of buttons and automations.

  • Every Sunday at 7pm EST an “Archiving” automation starts

  • Table X with the column “Last Week’s Update” has information from last week’s update. The value in this column is then moved to a separate table called “Table Archive” with a timestamp

  • The values in “Last Week’s Update” in Table X are then removed

  • Value in “This Week’s Update” is moved to “Last Week’s Update”

Here is a skeleton of the tables. Thoughts?

Thank you in advance

This is possible with Crossdoc and I have it working. If I have time I’ll create a template to show you how to do it. Basically you need to create your archive doc, then cross doc your table into it. Set some checkbox to detect if its past the archival date, and if so have an automation that adds the row to a table in the archival doc while simultaneously deleting the row in the originating doc.

Awesome. Thanks @Johg_Ananda, I look forward to your solution.

Thank you very much. This is exactly what I was looking for.
I’ve been implementing a doc for the past 3 months to realize about this limitation of Coda. Tables can’t grow over a few thousands rows. I think the Coda’s website should be more upfront about this. There’s nothing wrong about it. I just think it should be better stated. I asked @BenLee about the best approach for archiving but he couldn’t say. Your answer showed me the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you, Sir. I’m already experimenting with Cross-doc.

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