Automation based on time in date in cells

Im trying to build up a way to have automation be based on when something is suppose to happen in the future. Say for example, an event bureau, they have 5 planned events through out the year. They have a pipeline of starting the work on them 3 months ahead. So you list up all upcoming events set a start date in the table, and a maybe a reminder date. Then you can set the automation based on that particular value in the cell. Have formulas around it so the company can define a cell of start dates, then define a set of values of how early they want to start to work, then create an automation based on those combinations.

There are a couple ways I can think to this. Here’s a quick writeup:

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Cool, thanks for that! I did an approach with an if statement inside the automation, but I could not get it to scale properly. This one can scale :smiley:
Thanks for sharing these thoughts with me.