Automation pop-up?

Hi everyone,
I’m using automation because I want that when I check a box in a row, the change is logged in another table but that this change requests me to choose a date when a certain event happened. Is there a way to get this date request once a box is checked and before it immediately is logged into an update table?

Hi @Santiago_Sanchez :slight_smile:
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In your case i will create a button that deals with the following actions:

Check a checker in a row
Open a row to be edited (here is the date picker for the user)

i’m using the same setup for storing date’s and other information related in a DB table in one of my project :slight_smile:
If you feel overwhelmed just share a dummy doc and i’ll help you :slight_smile:

Thanks for your quick reply.

Unfortunately, I tried to follow your suggestion but got overwhelmed and wasn’t able to do it. So, I’ll take your word for it :slight_smile: Here’s the link to a dummy I created that shows what I’m trying to do:

Appreciate the help!

Hi @Santiago_Sanchez :slight_smile:
I’ve understood what you are trying to achieve, but like i told you before this is not the approach i would use.
You are trying to start a “scan” once every x hours to look into the table, this is a redundant way

What i’ve suggested you is to create a button (that’s easy) that:
Change the checkbox and set it to “true” (or also, false if was true or true if was false)
“Open the row for editing” checking the flag in the button options on click (this to allow the date picker)

Those are basic setup and i’m sure that can be reached in autonomy :slight_smile:

Then i’ll be happy to help you once you have tried by yourself at least this, but i’m not gonna do it for you, i’m just a user and i was in the same situation as you are now, i had to try and try and try, read read and read, trust me that you can achieve at least those basic passage by your own!

Don’t give up!

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Thanks for the reply. Now I get your suggestion, sorry for the confusion. I’ll give it a try and get back to you with results.
Thanks again!

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