How to write an automation that does this: <<if USER edited this column THEN do X. But if "This column was edited by an automation" THEN Do Nothing>>

Hi everybody,

I have a table/timeline with various dependencies. So when a dependent row changes the start date, all subsequent rows get updated.
This is great.
What I need now is to be able to differentiate When (on this row) the start date was manually changed by a user from when the start date (on this row) was automatically changed by the Timeline (as a consequence of a change on another row)

GOAL: I need to hook some behaviors to the “If changed by a human/user”

Thank you

Add a checkbox column called “Updated by Automation” that is only updated by the automation.

When the automation is triggered, check for that value.

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Thank you very much @Troy_Larson , the issue is that the automations that I’m talking about are not actual automations but " Coda’s Native depedencies" (I probably should have worded the title better), so there is no way for me to add a checkbox column that gets updated whenever a dependency changes the date of a task/row

Ahhh . . . so, maybe check the last update times on the dependent tasks, albeit that’s a sketchy way to do it . . .

Say task 2 depends on task 1 . . . if I update task 1, then task 2 automation could have a conditional to check for automated change:

  • task1 start date + duration = start date of task2
  • task1 last modified date is less than 5 seconds

Like I said, it’s a bit sketchy, but you get the idea.

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Thank you very much, I ended up creating a separate date column for the User Input and have it trigger an automation that syncs this to the original date field of the timeline. In the context of the logic that I’m trying to build this seems to work, allowing me to trigger different scenarios according to “who” changed the date. Thank you so much for taking the time. Cheers!

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Really clever approach! Nice job!

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