Function for Date of Action?

I’m looking for a way to set a date when an action occurs, for instance, ticking a checkbox. Using Now( ) or Today ( ) update on a regular basis depending on the precision, but how can I set a static date when an action occurs?

In my case, I’m trying to have a “Start Date” set when I check an “In Progress” box.

I appreciate any help!


Hey there!

Your best bet in that exact situation is to set a “Row-Changed” automation that watches the specific checkbox column

Then, have the action of the automation update a second column (maybe titled checkbox modified) to be Now(“minute”)

Just know that automations are run on Codas server. This means every time you check that checkbox, a little message is sent over to Coda that says “please update a column in my doc!”

Then a little Coda robot called the “Automation Bot” must come back to your doc and make the actual change.

Because of this journey that must take place, row-changed automations take anywhere from 3-20 seconds depending on how fast your little robot messenger is.

Therefore, if you set your Now() formula without the “minute” option as I have above it will record the change of your row incorrectly (if you care about actual seconds)

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That makes sense, thank you! I’m really looking at a precision of days or maybe hours here so unless my internet is really struggling, I think a little lag should be fine :laughing:

Great! Then probably go for:

  • Now(“hour”)
  • Today()

Both should work fine!

That will only log last modified time as opposed to a running record of all modified times though. I don’t think that’s what you need but just wanted to throw that call out in case others come across this!

There are ways to log every modified time, but it’s a bit more complex. Feel free to ask further if need be!

Awesome, thanks Scott!

It may come to the more complex option, but I’m not there yet so I’ll circle back to that.

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