Automations not Punctual

I have two automations with the same problem.

The first one is a daily reminder. This one filters all my tasks for the day in a database and send me a notification with a list 9:00am. The other one (that I am still trying to build) is a workaround for a precise time task reminder.

Both them have a delay that is not tolerable. Like, 4, 5 minutes. For my daily reminder, is quite annoying, but okay. But, for me precise reminder it simple doesn’t work, it’s too much time. I thought that could be related to how big the database is, but I don’t think it’s totally related to that because the database is always growing and sometimes it has a 4 minutes delay, other times it has 2 minutes.

I don’t know what is going on.

Hi @Guilherme_Salles :blush: !

This is due to how time-based automations are currently working :point_down:

So building a precise time-based automation will always be problematic until this feature is improved in some way :confused: .

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Thanks a lot @Pch! At least I know now that I am not doing anything wrong.

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