Does the time-based triggers for automation work?

I have time-based trigger that I configured earlier today. It was supposed to run 5:00 AM PST, but still haven’t triggered.

How reliable can I expect these triggers to be, are they still really super early “alpha” state, or can I them to work at least 98% of the time?

Hi @Tomas_Jansson - can you take a look at the Activity Pane and see if there is an error there.

No errors, it just says it hasn’t been triggered yet. I scheduled it for 5:00 AM at around 3:00 AM, so I expected it to trigger once today. Or maybe day trigger starts the day after they are created?

Hi Tomas

Triggers should fire within few mins at most. There have been some issues where we have seen very high latency and we are making changes to fix them that should go live in a day or two.

Can you please paste the url to your document so I can take a look? You don’t need to share the document with me or Coda, just the url so I can look in our logs.