Baby movement tracker — summing values per day

Hi all,

My wife is pregnant and I’d like to build a tracker for our baby’s movements. I’ve created a simple table that has fields for date+time, movement type, and number of movements, see below.

I’d like to create a graph from this data that shows daily totals for each movement type, i.e. how many jabs yesterday? How many rolls last Thursday?

Is this possible? Thanks in advance!

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Dear @mfid,

Welcome in the community :handshake: and congratulations :baby: becoming father.

The sky is the limit, and for sure your requests will be able to be implemented

Would be great if you shared a copy [dummy] of your document and either me or an other community member will try to get you on the way.

Thanks very much @Jean_Pierre_Traets — I don’t see a way to DM you. Should I post it publicly here?

If you want to create a sample document, then you can post it here. That way you don’t have to worry about sharing anything personal.

If not, we can try to work on some options just talking it out!

OK, great in that case:

Thank you to whoever jumped in to help! One additional request: is it possible to display the date in European style? i.e. December 3rd 2019 would be 03/12/2019 rather than 12/03/2019.


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Dear @mfid,

Recommend to check this post:

Credits to @Paul_Danyliuk

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@mfid I had jumped in but I saw you saw what I did so went off with other work :slight_smile:

In a column to change the format you can select it in the column format type. Let me know if this helps

@mallika I tried that, and that alone didn’t work. The labels in the charts remained in the US format regardless of the column format. This only works because I added the FormatDateTime there.

I think it’s a bug though. Labels in charts should respect column formatting.

Thanks for flagging this @Paul_Danyliuk, I’ve added it to our tracker so we can take a closer look.

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