Background on Coda and the Future

Hi all,
I have been building a few tools (with the help of a few generous people here) for my company so we can be more efficient and collaborative. I was showing a prototype Coda Doc to a team member yesterday and he asked if Coda had a future. His point was it maybe dangerous to build a dependency on a tool/company who’s future is uncertain.
He makes a good point but I also think Coda is an excellent tool and hope it grows and matures to be successful (adopted by many).

To attempt to support Coda from a business point of view, are there founder profiles available, investments made (i.e. known VC’s etc), or a possible roadmap that can be referenced (I that might be a tricky ask)? I’m looking for material that can lend support to the argument to use / keep using Coda.

Hope this makes sense.


Dear @Sean_Wood2,

I am sure that this article will be the kind of information you are looking for:

I had a similar concern, but it has also benefits to be an early adaptor and being able to tailor Coda exactly to your needs.

Obviously, like with whatever tool, you should always have in mind not to be too depending.

Jean Pierre

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Hi @Jean_Pierre_Traets,
Je vous remercie. Very helpful.

And I agree about the benefits of early adoption :slight_smile:



I suggest you embrace Coda anyway.
The benefit to your team is not in the underlying tech, but the tool you have built, if/how your team adopts it, and how much value it adds to your workflows.

This value will be there regardless what’s behind.

Once you have proven that it works, there is no reason not to replicate it (at whatever cost according to the value it provides) if this particular backoffice turns off.

Coda will suit you at this point as a prototyping tool, let’s see if you can create a valuable tool with it so that your management buys it.