Balance issue when a category is multiple times available

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My question: :question:

Like below with the sample of the eggs:

For the “Hard Boiled Eggs” have been 10 orders of 2 egg/ recipe = 20 eggs

For the “Magic EGGS” have been 10 orders of 1 egg/ recipe = 10 eggs

This makes that have been used a total of 30 eggs

As you can see in the table below I have one balance of 30 eggs and another one of 40 eggs

Where did I go wrong? :roll_eyes:

If I understand correctly, you need to replace column SumPurchased with a column Balance before recipe.
In current configuration the Balance column doesn’t account for other recipes that were used earlier that day.

Dear @Filmos,

Thanks for your time :handshake:
Sounds like a great idea, any suggestion to accomplish that?

Here you go:

There are some ways in which this could be made significantly faster, but this what I came up with first.


Dear @Filmos

It’s impressive, thank you so much for your support, as I don’t have (yet) this skill level :handshake:
When I see the formula, I can get the logic, now it’s the challenge for me to learn to find such solution on my own. :eyeglasses:

It’s showing again how valuable the input in communities like this, are :thought_balloon: