Best Practices for Managing Database Modifications: Single vs. Separate Databases

I am developing a platform where businesses can register and manage their data through forms, allowing them to interact without the need to register directly with Coda. Currently, all operations such as registrations, modifications, and deletions are handled within a single database, which automatically generates personalized pre-filled links for modifications based on a unique business ID created during the initial registration. When businesses use the modification or deletion form (which is just a different view/layout of the same table), modifications are made by filling the BusinessID into a CorrectionID field, which is usually empty. Then, an automation for modification checks for existing entries with the CorrectionID matching the BusinessID when editing or deleting entries. (the modification automation finds the original registration entry, updates all columnvalues and then deletes the databas entry from the modification form (which got a seperate Business ID - as it’s an entry in the same database)

I am contemplating whether to keep everything in one database or to split the registration and modification/deletion processes into two separate databases. The new setup would involve checking for matching IDs across databases to synchronize changes.

I’m seeking advice on which approach might be faster, simpler, more efficient, and less prone to errors. Is it better to manage all operations within a single database or to use separate databases for different types of transactions? What would you suggest to do?

The amount of regstration data is manageable - 200-300 business regstrations maximum.

Thank you so much for your opinion!

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