Best way to increase stock level (number column) when new rows added

Trying to come up with a practical stock level management system, I am trying to answer this question: best way to increase stock level (a number column) when new rows added to stock intake table (looking at another number column and adding the new number to the old stock level)?

  1. Write a formula?
  2. Or define an automation?

Hi Yalcin,

You can find a generalised discussion with an example below. There are also several other discussions with different approached in the forums.

Hope this helps.

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Piet, thank you for your answer. However in my use case I believe the challenge is not about working thru a sequence of rows in order, but telling coda to interpret the which product had a new intake and add appropriate column value to the older one (existing stock level) in another table/row.
I hope I am not misinterpreting what you meant in your note?

Yes, my assumption is that there is a single table, with a running total, per material.

May I ask why you have two separate tables?


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