Row modification with button

Hello Community.
I’m quite new to Coda so there might be a quick fix for my problem. I simply want a button that will subtract the values from one row with the values from another row. I have a large stock list and when i have shipped an assembled product, i wish to hit a button and all the parts in the product will be subtracted with the stock list, so that is updated. Any suggestions?
Best Regards Søren Svendsen

hi @Soren_Svendsen , you can have a look here for some inspiration:

you set up your tables, linke the data and use a button with ModifyRows() in it.

Hope it helps, Cheers, Christiaan


Hello Christiaan.
Thanks for the article. Very helpful, but is there any chance that there ais a template of the inventory set-up? I am still struggling a bit with updating the stock for all parts when selling a product.
Best Regards Søren.

sorry @Soren_Svendsen,
I deleted the set-up after finishing my blog.
you can share a dummy of your doc in the community and we can have a look.
cheers, christiaan

Hey Christiaan.
Never mind, I guess I was just tired when looking at it last night. It all works now
and i really enjoy the setup. It will make things a lot easier on the little start-up i’m working in! Thanks!


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