ModifyRow with multiple column update

Hello, I am trying to create an inventory list, once the the user clicks “Check out Button” the Quantity column value subtract 1 (-1) [ which is easy part to do], but I am also trying to update the status column once Quantity Column value = 0, modify the status to “Out of Stock”.


Hi @Khaled_Makarem,
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It would be always helpful to have a shared example, in order to be more specific to the context.

Anyway, maybe RunActions() formula could help.

Something like:
RunActions(thisRow.ModifyRows([Quantity], [Quantity]-1), if(thisRow.[Quantity] = 0, thisRow.ModifyRows([Status], "Out of Order"), _noop()))
[Didn’t check syntax: I’m on my mobile]

Let me know if it helps.

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Hi @Federico_Stefanato,

Thank you :handshake:

I appreciate your feedback. I tried It and it is working fine :v: It is weird that I was trying something similar to what you provided but no luck.

Thank you again <3

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