Automation Action Modify Row - Update ONE Select List Item

I have a doc I’m creating to manage lending books out to friends and family. In it, I have a table called Catalogue with columns including book title and availability status.

I also have a form set up - people can browse the pages called Friends & Family Library and Browse by cover and use check boxes to select the books they want to request to borrow.

I have an automation called New Request Received which will email me with their requests when they submit the form (ie, when the form submission adds a new row to the table & page titled All Check Outs.

Here’s where I’m stuck - I want one step in the automation to be changing the status from available to unavailable - but only for the book that’s part of the request submission. The way the automation runs now, it is updating the status for ALL books in the catalogue. I’ve fidgeted around with it a lot, but can’t seem to land on the right way to do this. Would appreciate any help - I’m admitting defeat to figuring it out on my own!

Here’s my doc:

Two possible methods come to mind. Both depend on how your tables are set up.

If you are using a linked relationship, you can use dot notation to get to the book. I think this is the easier method.

[Form Results].[Books You Are Requesting to Borrow].ModifyRows([Status], "Requested")

Another option is to start with the catalogue, and filter to the rows in the form.

  .Filter(thisRow.[Books You Are Requesting to Borrow].contains(currentValue.Title))
  .ModifyRows([Status], "Requested")

I haven’t tested this out because I don’t know how your tables are connected, and the form doesn’t seem to be working for me, but hopefully this gives you a starting point.

Thank you so much - I forgot to check for responses to my post for a while but I finally got to trying this and that first formula worked perfectly. Thank you for taking the time to respond!

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