Unexpected Button Behaviors

Case One
I’m trying to create a form to make it easy to add a row to another table. My settings look like so:


I have a filter to clear the row after submission:


When I check my table, I can see that there’s a new row there with all the information. Cool. However, I noticed that the title field was now a link:

Which of course looks very inviting to click upon:

I don’t want that behavior at all. The title field should just be plain text, not a link. What did I do wrong?

Case Two
Since the above adds a row, I want a button to modify a row too. This one will change the In Collection? status from Yes to No.


My first column in this two column “form” is a lookup to the Books table’s Title field. The second column is the Remove Book button. When I click the button, nothing happens.

I appreciate your help!

for first case, you would set your title to not thisRow but thisRow.<whatever field/column> you want to use>by settingthisRow` it will create a link back to the record that has “Add Book” label.

second case, is your button on Books table? if so, you could simply use currentRow instead of Custom Filter? if not, as you can see in Custom Filter - your Title is a text value and Choose Title is a lookup (the icons on both should help - one is a link vs another is T (i.e Text) ) - you can do Title = Choose Title.<column/field that has title>

Also, i would suggest you checkout our help article that explains the difference between text/string and references (https://help.coda.io/en/articles/2004334-references-versus-strings)