Bug: Cannot remove link in row name

Normally you can:
Screen Shot 2024-02-29 at 6.53.00 PM

But sometimes you cannot and it’s SO ANNOYING:

(See how there’s no “Remove” button in the second one)
(Nothing in the “…” dropdown helps either)

Seems the repro is when you assign a link (Ctrl+K) to the row name directly from the table cell instead of the row-edit popup/panel/whatever

The bug sucks because:

  • It prevents you from removing the link
  • Any time you select the row, the link-edit popup opens and steals cursor focus
  • It prevents you from being able to get your cursor into the actual text field for the name, so once this state happens, the only way to edit that row’s name is to move your selection to the link dialog popup and change the text sub-field there
  • There’s no escape but death: The only way to get out of this broken state is to delete the row and start over (which is devastating because it breaks all links to that row in other places, AND you lose the comments and activity history!)

Checking in to see if this bug was shared with the team?
(Is this forum topic not the right place to share bug reports with Coda? I see other posts before and after this with official-seeming replies)