Lists in cells without @-mentions?

Hi Coda community,

Please see the following table.
Is it possible to get a list of links to rows without the @-mentions?

I use such lists a lot in cells and my colleagues complain that it is really confusing.


You can add ToText() to convert links to plain text, then they wont have @ and be clickable.

Thanks, Marko! Unfortunately we need the links for editing the detail rows. When you hover over the link, the popup window of the detail row opens.

Thinking about it, it would even better to open the detail row window directly by clicking the link (without popup window).

In the details column you could make them text (with ToText()) but then you could have a button that Activate()s the particular row for editing.

I’ve made a copy of your table and done that to show you how

Here’s my two solutions:

  1. links that take you to the table
  2. A button that will iterate through the available rows in the other table and another button to activate that specific row

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Thanks cnr for your effort!
Your solution with the “goto” link is fine, except that I’d liked to open the “modal view” instead to jump to the detail table. However, I remembered an other trick in this community forum to add “&modal=true” to the URL.

You’ll find this link in the last column:

The formatting and the link is fine now. Unfortunately, if you hover over the link you’ll get an broken pop window. If you remember my origin requirement to remove the distracting @-mentions, I would say, that is also distracting :slight_smile:

Hm, is there another way to remove the @-mentions in cells?


Ah wow that’s really nice, well done. No, I don’t know how to do that unfortunately.

Question though, what’s wrong with them just being shown as a lookup? E.g.